Friday, November 4, 2011

The Way You Burst the Clouds: Cloud Dough

Momma has been waiting to bust this one out.  We couldn't figure out from the pictures we've seen exactly what this would be like (other than it was clearly going to be messy), but it was super cool.  We first picked up on the recipe from this Pinterest pin and momma split it up between the two of us -- we each mixed together 4 cups of flour with 1/2 cup of baby oil.  We definitely needed help mixing it (and not dumping it all over the floor) -- a deeper container might have helped, but that would have required us to be up above it higher (like Tinker Lab did).  And keeping us in our seats is always hard enough in the first place.  We used our silicone mini cupcake molds and measuring cups and had our own Top Chef Just Desserts competition.  And we had a lot of fun purposefully mispronouncing fancy French words for pastries.  We tried to use our Kotobuki hardboiled egg molds, but they were too rigid to get the dough out without it crumbling.  Still fun to try, though.  This activity made a truly giant mess, but momma was able to clean it all up while Cam and I rinsed off in the bathtub (and then she had to go clean up the bathroom floor from the inevitable tsunami that occurs these days when we bathe together).  But she hung on to the dough for another day of play, which must mean it was worth the mess.

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