Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Searching for Adventure: Recess Monkey at Jammin Java

We were seriously amped that Recess Monkey was in town this past weekend and playing at Jammin Java.    Hailing from Seattle (so you know mom likes them), Recess Monkey is a popped up funky indie mix of The Beatles, a little Weezer, and Flight of the Conchords (we mean that in the best way possible. can't you just hear Bret and Jemaine sing "Sack Lunch"?)  These guys are all elementary school teachers and I'm so jealous of their students.  Despite our pre-show excitement, Kane and I brought serious attitudes with us to the show.  All the other kids were dancing up a storm, but we slapped on our grumpy faces and acted like mom and dad brought us to see debbie downer.  Like everything else disastrous about the weekend, mom and dad blamed the time change.  But of course we haven't stopped talking about the show and requesting that mom loop play "Caterpillar Pirate" in the car.

We'd never been out to JJ before (it's in Virginia), but it wasn't a bad drive, they had good espresso for mom and dad and yummy lunch.  And if you ever venture out to Jammin Java, make sure to stop in at the hardware store next door.  They'll let you feed their potbellied pig!

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