Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In the Circle Game: Practicing Circles and Lines

All of a sudden I've gone from mad scribbling and scratching my way through paper to asking for markers and paper to sit down and draw slowly and intently.  I'm really working on my circles right now (at no one's urging) and I tell momma that they are all kinds of things -- lakes, rocket ships, roads, pirates (of course), and on and on.  Of course I also love ripping up the pages once I'm done with my drawing.  I am also a huge fan lately of these Crayola Pip-Squeaks markers that make different lines (this is COMPLETELY uncompensated shout out) and like drawing circles within circles with various markers to see the difference.  Now that I am no longer napping in the afternoon, I get some nice alone time with art supplies for which Cam isn't quite ready (although she also really enjoys chewing on the Pip-Squeaks).  Now if Cam would only take that afternoon nap consistently (instead of screaming and rattling her crib), momma might actually be productive, too.

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