Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beach, Baby: Brigantine, NJ in the Fall/Winter

Oh how we love our beach any time of year, but fall/winter is really one of our favorites.  Even though we can't stay down there all day long (too cold - even with this year's unseasonably high temps) and can't go in the water, we pretty much have the run of the place and Veg gets to make his triumphant return as king of the sand.  We spent our Thanksgiving holiday down the shore at Nona's house and as much of that time as possible on the beach.  With a few of our old summertime shovels (and some new army men), we played 'till our fingers were bone cold.  Veg outdid himself the first day and spent a night up trying to recoup (thanks Uncle Steve, Nona, and Grandpa D-Rock for letting mom and dad sleep!).  I think he was tired from all those holes he dug for us!  We don't really want word to get out, but this is the best beach ever -- any time of the year.

yes, Kane did need his golf club at the beach.

thanks, Veg.  

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Darcy said...

i am so jealous. every year it has been my dream to rent a house on the beach for thanksgiving!