Monday, November 28, 2011

I May As Well Play: Moon Dough

Momma and I saw this in the dollar store over our Thanksgiving holiday in New Jersey and decided to pick it up (we were scouring the store for another craft-related item that we couldn't find, but still managed to spend an unnecessary $18).  Each of the refill packs we bought came with two little molds in their lids and our playdough toys worked well on it also.  It was very strange and it definitely felt very unnatural (that combined with the fact that it was from the dollar store made mom very jumpy about letting Cam play with it -- since of course she tried to eat it), but it turned out to be pretty cool.  And even though I got it all over the rug at Nona's house, it vacuumed up easily (we assume playdough wouldn't have, so maybe it's a better choice for carpeted play locations).  We haven't seen any other homemade recipes that differ that much from the cloud dough we made a while ago, but it was really a different texture from that.  I think we'll keep our eyes peeled for additional recipes -- even though it was from the dollar store, it wasn't very cheap considering most of it got vacuumed up at the end.  Maybe we could save more off of our wood floors, but it's always more fun to make the dough before playing with it!

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