Monday, November 7, 2011

And it's Here, Over There Leaves Around: Marbled Leaves

Our first marbling attempt wasn't that hot -- we used blue, really smelly shaving cream and metallic paint that didn't show up very well all on its own (it would have been cool to mix in with other paint though).  We have some leaf stencils from OTC for which we've been looking for a good craft and when we saw this Pinterest pin, we thought it would be a good fit.  Mommy traced the leaves onto posterboard and cut out sizeable pieces to use for marbling.  Her intent was to marble the back of the posterboard so that when we cut them out, you couldn't see the tracing marks.  Of course as soon as there were big mounds of shaving cream in front of us -- her focus shifted a bit and she forgot to do that.  We used Crayola washable paints and dropped the colors onto the shaving cream, swirled them around with wooden skewers (mommy broke the points off first -- she's learning), pressed the posterboard on top, and then mom wiped the shaving cream off with a piece of cardboard (after letting it sit for a minute).  Then all heck let loose and Kane and I turned it into a shaving cream party, which mom had anticipated and already had the tub running.  Good times.  We're not sure what we're going to use the leaves for yet -- we're not folksy enough for garlands or some of the other fall leaf crafts we've seen out there.  I'm sure we'll figure something out.

p.s. mommy said that these were a HUGE PIA to cut out -- look for less intricate leaf stencils!

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