Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Great Green Globs of Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts: Animal Grossology at Nat Geo

We've been wanting to check out the National Geographic "Museum" for a while now.  After hearing so many good things about the current Animal Grossology exhibit, we decided it would be a good time.  The museum is small -- just a few exhibits and it's located in the bottom of Nat Geo's headquarters.  Truthfully, we found it a little irritating that NG would charge people to essentially come check out displays they've put in their lobby.  But, the exhibits we saw were pretty cool and there is no charge for kids under 5.  I was not a fan of the electronically animated animals flanking the exhibit's entrance and I used that as an opportunity to loudly practice my "no. No. NO." skillz.  I am really into owls right now, though, so I dug spending a bit of time checking out owl poop.  Our collective favorite by far was the submarine and attached slide.

Mom spent some time checking out the accompanying Weird But True exhibit -- mostly to figure out if NG was pulling our leg with its series of "what do you get when you cross X and X animals?"  Prime suspect numero uno?  Well everyone knows what is bred for its skills in magic, people.  That's right.  When you cross a lion and a tiger, you get a LIGER.  Apparently it's a real thing.

We were also fans of the museum's proximity to one of our favorite D.C. brunch spots -- Daily Grill.  Gone are the days of free kids brunch on Sunday (and way way gone is the extended day drinking for mom and dad), but the kids menu is only $5 and the portions are huge, delish, and come with ice cream.  Plus you can color on the table, which is really why it was mom and dad's favorite back in the day anyway.

it's pretty much my favorite animal.  true story.

woop woop.  daily grill mac n' cheese is da bomb, yo.

strategic seating.  just like daddy.

a nice florist gave us pumpkins on our walk back to the car.  made our day.

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Darcy said...

thanks for posting! I've been wanting to check out this exhibit, so thanks for the info!