Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And Charlie's Making Me Smile: Ivory Soap Explosion

We are a little young for lots of the cool kids science experiments out there, but this demonstration of Charles' Law seemed too cool to put on the back burner.  Get yourself a bar of ivory soap, cut it in half (we didn't, and a nugget was left in the bottom of our tupperware container), throw it in the microwave, and go.  Ours got HUGE after about 1 minute, so we removed and repeated several times.  Be careful, it actually does get pretty hot.  When it cooled a bit, we decided that it looked like snow and had ourselves a nice little snowball fight on the dining room table.  This was a giant mess.  But we smelled good and mom threw us right in the bathtub pre-soaped.  Our doggie Vegas helped mom clean up the mess and ended up blowing soap bubbles for much of the rest of the afternoon.  Hysterical.

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Darcy said...

I love this idea! I saw it on pinterest and I've been wanting to try it, but i wasn't sure what to do with the microwaved soap. I like your idea of making snow. By the way, you're a winner in the sand castle giveaway, can you send me your email address at (I know I had it but I'm not sure where) and I'll forward you the download?