Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Gold It's In The ...: Salt Dough Ornaments (finished product)

We heard TinkerLab's warning about conducting stage two of salt dough ornament making outside (have you ever had to clean up a boatload of glitter?  yeah, we know that instead mom would have just let all of us have glittery feet for a while), but decided to keep our painting inside and forgo the glitter and non-washable paint for metallic tempera paint (we are related to the original Sargent Art owners who generously gave mommy a BIG box of art supplies a few years back -- we are still working our way through them).  We'll see how they hold up.  After they dried, Kane practiced using scissors and helped mommy cut the twine for our ornaments.  We then honed our fine motor skillz and tried to thread the twine through the ornament -- Kane was a champ.  I decided instead to use my snack of veggie sticks -- they fit perfectly, but likely fall short in the ornament holding up department.  We loved this project and have a new one on our list for next year -- don't these Artful Parent stamped ornaments look awesome?

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