Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In a World of Swirl: Swirled Paint Glass Ornaments

One of the first holiday crafts we did this year was to make some swirled paint ornaments.  We used this tutorial as a starting point, but we ended up using tempera paint.  Mom thought it might be easier for us to use -- we poured it into small squirt bottles and mixed glitter into some.  We bought both large and medium sized glass ornaments, but found that the medium ones worked best with our smaller hands.  I found that I was pretty good at getting the paint in and shaking, shaking, shaking.  All those yogurt cups we saved came in handy for draining and drying our ornaments.  Mom took a second crack at some larger ones using metallic tempera paint and found that those drained almost completely of the paint.  Wasn't the intended effect, but they still look pretty cool.  We'll try some acrylics next year (and have these and these on our list for ornaments next year, too).

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