Monday, December 12, 2011

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard: Ted's Bulletin (and another playseum visit)

We recently decided to take a second trip to the Cap Hill Playseum location and wanted to go a little earlier in the day this time -- if we were going to pay $6, we wanted our money's worth.  We showed up a little after 9 as the website said it opened at 9.  Unfortunately it opened at 10.  But we sat outside at the little bistro tables and ate our snack (along with another very timely family).  When they arrived to open up shop, they told us that they were having a professional photographer there that day taking pics for the website.  And, if our moms were willing to sign a release, our mugs just might show up there.  After an overly thorough back and forth with the photographer, mom finally signed the freakin' thing.  And Cam and I proceeded to ham it up for the next two hours.  Two hours.  When is the last time we did ANYTHING for two whole hours?  Let's just say when the Certifikid deal came around recently, mom snagged those puppies up.

After playtime we went back to Ted's Bulletin for some grub, which we had scoped out during our pre-10 a.m. wait.  OMG.  This was the real highlight of our trip.  Despite the fact that we both threw serious s*it shows for the first 10 minutes and caused the entire family at the next table to gawk in horror and pity at mom (seriously, the three moms of grown children literally hugged her as they left and said "wow. you must really need to get out of the house."), all was good when they delivered our vanilla milkshake (they even let us split one).  And mom's "The Rachel" sandwhich.  And my healthy "funny face" pancake -- you can get breakfast ANY TIME of the day and they have a great kids menu.  Plus the black and white movies on the wall enthralled Cami (at least long enough for mom to eat 1/4 of her sandwich, which is literally all she could eat).  I'm sure this is a favorite joint with the locals (it was packed), but we will gladly haul ourselves back to the row for some more of Ted's.  If you make a trip to the Playseum, make sure to stop in at Ted's after (just a few doors down).  It was even worth the parking ticket we got for extending our stay.

"So, this book is really really old."

whip cream and sprinkles, baby.

oh no Mr. Bacon, turn that frown upside down.

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