Thursday, January 26, 2012

Take Me on a Trip Upon Your Magic Swirlin' Ship: Stoddert Playground

Mom used to live in Glover Park back in the day and, at that time, Stoddert Elementary School was a tiny little red school house.  Imagine our surprise when we went to a friend's birthday party a few weeks ago in mom's old 'hood and we checked out the beautiful new revamped school and DPR Recreation Center.  There is a huge, double-decker play structure that served as our pirate ship for a while as we ran off all that birthday party sugar.  As usual, daredevil Cami had no problem rocketing herself down giant slides.  I loved to climb up to the top deck and hold court.  It was also pretty funny watching mom and dad try to haul themselves up this thing.  As our sense of adventure grows, I think Stoddert will give Guy Mason (just a few blocks down Calvert) a run for its' money with us.

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