Friday, January 20, 2012

'Cause I'm the Ice Cream Man: Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball

I received a Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball for Hanukkah and we just had not gotten to it yet.  So I was pretty psyched when mom said, "Hm. It's too cold to go outside.  We should definitely make some ice cream."  Makes sense.  It's amazingly simple:  ice and rock salt go in the outside chamber.  light cream, flavor, and sugar go in the inside chamber.  and then you shake, rattle and roll like crazy for 20 minutes (with a quick break to replace some of the melted ice and rock salt and mix in the harder ice cream that has started to form).  And, boom, you have a pint of homemade, delicious ice cream.  Mom highly suggests enlisting the help of your children -- we had a dance party, ran around the house, rolled the ball on the floor (if you are willing to risk it, rolling it on the carpet worked better and has a lower risk of ball breakage), and generally shook our cabooses.  We made simple vanilla the first time and loved it so much we ended up making hot chocolate ice cream the next morning (at 8 a.m.).  We bought flavored syrups, but so far haven't needed them -- there are plenty of good recipes using (mostly) natural ingredients in the recipe book that comes with the ball.  It's dangerous to have on hand, but we figure that we got in a good workout making it, so we deserved the treat.


Darcy said...

Thanks for posting. I've always wanted to try one of these and you made it seem so fun, I can see us buying one soon :)

Cath said...

A friend had one of these in college and it was a HUGE hit at parties! We used to kick it around the lawn at BBQs. Great for all ages, apparently. :)