Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some Humpty Back Camels: Mount Vernon

The last time we visited Mount Vernon, we ponied up the money to become members.  We figured that if we went a few times a year, it would be worth it -- and it really has.  It's become one of our favorite family spots - lots of open space to run around and there always seems to be something new to see.  This past weekend we took advantage of the ridiculous "winter" weather we had and spent the 70 degree Saturday catching the last day of GW's Christmas camel.  Apparently in 1787, GW shelled out 18 shillings to bring a camel to Mount Vernon and entertain family and guests and Mount Vernon carries on the tradition by bringing a camel there every year for its' Christmas celebration.  We didn't get to the actual celebration this year, but we made it there for the camel's last day.  It was pretty awesome.  And with the crowds down for the winter, we actually got a pretty decent tour of the mansion, too.

Mount Vernon has two eating options -- a food court, which was closed, and a nicer option -- the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant.  We generally do the food court (although always intend to bring a picnic), but because that was closed this past weekend, we hit up a spot along the drive home -- Southside 815.  It would otherwise be just another bar and grill type joint, but they have yummy southern food and the most fabulous bloody mary mom has had -- a Naked Jay dill pickle vodka with oversized shrimp.  A meal in itself.  Mom highly recommends it (and the bread basket).

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