Friday, January 6, 2012

Gonna Follow My Nose to Where the Coconut Grows: Black Bottom Coconut Bars

So we know it's the new year and everyone is avoiding holiday treats, but we had to share this recipe we made (twice!) over the holidays: Martha's Black Bottom Coconut Bars.  When purchasing shredded coconut for our chocolate macaroons (which were fun to make, but didn't turn out so well.  mom still ate them. shocking), mom poorly chose to go to Whole Foods, which only sold shredded coconut in bulk.  Ever try taking two toddlers to the bulk food aisle (where yogurt covered everything is conveniently located on the bottom row)?  Not pretty.  So in an effort to avoid spending $7 K on bulk foods, instead mom spent like $30 on what must be 20 pounds of shredded coconut.  Needless to say, we've had our eyes peeled for recipes that focus heavily on coconut.  We hit the jackpot with these little gems, which we found tasted best when chilled.  In fact, they were so good we have no pictures of the finished product.  We ate them all too fast.  Holiday or not, you need to make these.

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