Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking for the Great Leap Forwards: Happy 2012!

Wowzers.  Were the holidays as much as a time warp for everyone else?  We all got to take a break from our regularly scheduled duties (no school for me (and a new one to start in a few days), no babysitters for Cami (other than our wonderful family members), no boot camp for mommy (pretty sure she had a rude awakening this morning), and no work for daddy (well, at least a brief respite from physical office presence)).

We finally picked out a Christmas tree with Grandpa and Grammie B and we celebrated most nights of Hanukkah at home, Christmas Eve with Grandpa and Grammie B in Baltimore, and New Year's Eve with Nona and Grandpa D-Rock in Jersey.  Highlights included our new Hanukkah stampers, our new market stand and cash register, our custom super hero costumes, making holiday treats, watching The Polar Express about 8 million times, finding a bell from Santa's sleigh in Grammie B's yard (he was out practicing the night before), extending our New Jersey stay and throwing a last minute NYE partay (complete with new blinged out masks, a balloon gauntlet, and silly string), and watching the Polar Bear Plunge on a very warm New Year's day in New Jersey.

We had a great 2011 and are looking forward to 2012 (and the extra day we're going to get out of it)!

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