Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't Sweat the Technique: New Painting Techniques

One of my most favorite ways to paint is table painting/printing and we do that A LOT.  It's fun and it's easy for Cami to do, too.  But since I gave up my nap a while back, mom thought we could try out some new painting techniques during Cami's nap (man that girl can sleep).  I have had a short attention span for arts and crafts lately, so I wanted to try all of them at one sitting!  When we paint with watercolors, we usually use the liquid type -- it's usually easier for us to use than the pan type (although Cam is a repeat offender of tipping an entire cup full onto her lap), but mom broke those out for me to try first.  I was into it once I realized that you have to really wet them first (in the future, I think mom might help me out by doing that a bit before I get to them).  Then I moved onto painting with some pipe cleaners, which I though was pretty cool since I tend to like scrubbing the paper with my paintbrush and it was easy to do that with the pipe cleaners.  Last, mom and I took a crack at some folded Rorschach paintings -- this was super cool, especially since mom let me squeeze paint right from the tubes onto my paper.  But, I think next time (to avoid an excessive amount of paint on the paper), we'd put paint on a plate first and use a brush to drop it onto the paper.

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