Friday, January 13, 2012

I've Got the World on a String: Twined Block Stamping

We recently tried out an art project that's all over Pinterest -- string block stamping.  We didn't have any wood blocks that were suitable, but we have a boat load of packing material left over from the holidays.  So mom cut up some sort-of-square pieces of cardboard and wrapped twine (we also have a boat load of twine left from Kane's pirate party) around it.  She kept the wrapping pretty random and tied it securely.  We are getting in the mood for Valentines Day (can you tell that we are all lamenting the end of Hanukkah and Christmas?) and we picked a nice bright red paint (and a little purple) to use.  Kane and I used foam brayers to roll on a thick roll of paint (it needs to be really thick) and then stamped away.  Kane was much more into painting with the brayer, but I actually liked the stamping part best (mom helped me roll the paint onto mine).  Although after Kane had a nice coat of red paint on his page, he then used his stamp in reverse -- the string absorbed some of the color making white lines on his red page (it's hard to see on the page below, but it looked pretty cool). 

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