Friday, March 30, 2012

What a Scene: Color Your Own Playdough Playscape

Earlier this week we posted about our passover playdough and showed how we made it look like matzah by coloring the playdough with a brown marker.  Well once mom said we could color playdough with markers, it was game on.  And it has been since then.  We've seriously asked to color the playdough four or five times since last weekend.  And each time it looks more and more like it's tie dyed.

And it was a great way to put together playscapes or scenes for our pirates.  We rolled it out, drew a deserted island and water and set our ships sailing.  When we were done with that, we balled it up, rolled it back out and started over.  We drew an interactive treasure map and literally buried treasure underneath it.  Then dug it up.  We made playdough cannon balls and shot them out of our cannons.  And on and on.  This has been the best canvas we've ever used for playing pretend.  I've spent hours with this playdough this week.  And even Cami has been more into it than usual.  She's still making "Joe Joe's," but she loves using the markers to do it.

I can't believe we haven't thought of this before, but we certainly plan on having a batch of plain playdough on hand in the future.  What playscape would you come up with?  If you need pirates, we have plenty.  Just saying.

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