Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Imagine all the People: imagiNATIONS at the National Museum of the American Indian

The imagiNATIONS exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian opened last fall, but we hadn't yet had a chance to go.  We arrived just as the museum opened and had the exhibit all to ourselves -- there are so many neat things to do here.  An activity center, which had a coloring project the day we visited; a wonderful library with books for kids of all ages; and, my favorite, to scale models of three different Indian dwellings.  I insisted on bringing books from the library into the house on stilts and reading in there, patting the ground next to me and saying "mommy, here.  mommy, here."  (i just started saying two- and three-word sentences).  We also checked out the current "A Song for the Horse Nation" and "The Real Story of the Quilete Wolves" exhibits and loved both of them -- such beautiful things to look at.  I also snagged a copy of "The Girl Who Loved Horses."  One of mom's favorite books growing up was "Buffalo Woman" and although the stories are both a little old for me, the pictures are amazing.  And Kane likes reading it, too.  The museum hosts all kinds of special events and activities at the imagiNATIONS exhibit, so be sure to keep your eye out and visit!

oh, we always make sure to eat at The Mitsam Cafe, even when visiting neighboring museums.  But the museum recently put in an espresso bar on the first floor, which means we'll be visiting even more often!

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