Friday, February 3, 2012

My Funny Valentine: Marker Tie Dyed Heart Garland

We came across these cute tie dyed coffee filter hearts and wanted to give them a try -- we have a TON of coffee filters left over from our spray painting (and our coffee maker doesn't use filters.  and, who are we kidding, mom uses Starbucks, not our coffee maker).  I'm not quite at the scissors stage and Kane is learning, but not quite at the "cut a heart out of this" stage.  So instead we used our Do A Dot markers to "tie dye" the filters and then mom used her heart punch to cut out hearts after they dried.  We had a hard time pressing hard enough to get a good tie dyed effect.  To help, mom stacked several filters together and then soaked them in water. We then dotted the stack with our markers and the water helped spread the color out over the filter and down through the layers.  And you know we couldn't resist using our glitter pens on the top filter.  Mom then taped the hearts to some baker's twine and hung up the garland.  It turned out to stretch almost the entire length of our main room and we love that it's not just pink, red and purple (we've got plenty of other Valentine's crafts going with that color scheme, too!).