Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Picture Me Rollin: Washington Auto Show 2012

We had grand plans this past weekend to hit up the auto show on Saturday and the Chinese New Year festivities on Sunday.  Unfortunately, daddy ended up taking a little work trip on Saturday.  Lucky for us -- the auto show ended up giving us a little bit of everything.  Read KidFriendly DC's review for all the particular details, but check out the pictures below to get a good idea of what happens when you let two small children loose in a giant room full of cars (most of) which they can climb into:  mad, fun chaos.  Our most favorite part was when Kane and I got in the front seat of cars (over and over and over again) and mom and dad hopped in the back -- we pretended we were driving to New Jersey and mom and dad pretended they were the kids.  I can't imagine we really sound that whiny, but mom's imitation of Kane asking simultaneously for a different song, a different DVD, a different snack, and informing mom that he has to go "potty"/"my car seat is wet" was spot on.  In turn, we did pretty much what they do to us -- pretend not to hear.  There were also a few Chinese dragons parading around.  So even though we didn't make it to the big parade this year, it was probably enough for us for the weekend.

The auto show runs through February 5th -- get there!

kane's favorite -- a green mini

this is the newer version of our car -- mom and dad wanted to see if we'd fit in the back comfortably.  we did not.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you enjoyed the Auto Show! People always seem skeptical about the recommendation, but once there, it's obvious why kids love it. We were also there on Saturday - good times! :)

Looking forward to meeting you at the blogger dinner next week!