Monday, February 27, 2012

The Sweetest Thing: Message in a Cookie

So we didn't technically have any hand in making these cookies, but boy we did our parts to eat them up.  We had the good fortune of hosting our playgroup on Valentine's Day this year and as soon as mom spotted these on Pinterest, she knew she had to make them.  Well, actually her plan was to have us help make them to give as valentines to my class, but she clearly didn't think through the origins of Valentine's Day before asking my teachers at my Jewish preschool what the V-day plan was.  Doh.

Good thing we are ready and willing to party for any and all occasions and we had a fun V-day celebration at home.  The W&S cookie cutters were sold out online as soon as that pin resurfaced, but we scored some at our local store.  Mom followed the recipe from the Pinterest link (not the W&S recipe) that uses powdered sugar and sour cream and made the most delish, cake-like cookies.  Definitely follow the suggestion to refrigerate the dough overnight and stick in the freezer before rolling it out.  Even then it took mom a lot of practice to get the words pressed in well, but not see the lines of the cookie cutter.  Though some of the technical execution was lacking, they were super yummy.  This probably isn't the best baking activity for kiddos, although rolling out that cold dough would be some good motor skills practice.

These cookies had our name on them -- literally.  And some other things too.  It was really hard for mom to stay within the bounds of appropriateness for a kid's V-day party.  Everything sounds funnier when it's printed on a cookie.  No need to wait for Valentine's Day -- bake these babies up!

a little valentine making station, which resulted in few valentines being made, 
but lots and lots of glitter everywhere.

sweet, sweet and more sweet.  chocolate croissants, the sugar cookies and smoothies for kiddos.  although all the kids ended up with fizzy water and strawberry/raspberry mint heart ice cubes.

bee mine.

mom made some rainbow cheerio bracelets for goodies and everyone 
got some of the chocolate playdough we made.

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