Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sand in My Shoes: Upshur Playground

We are getting so antsy for the weather to turn - we've already started working on our spring/summer bucket list!  But we decided not to wait for the swimming pool to open and check out Upshur park now.  It was crowded with school kids when we arrived and Kane was in a real mood that day, but he shaped up once he saw that there was a pretty big sand area to play in.  We pretended to bury treasure and mapped out a treasure map in our head.  Mom couldn't get me off of the swings - I wanted to swing higher and higher.  The park is small, but there was enough to keep us occupied for a bit and we will definitely be back this summer for some outdoor swimming!

For a more thorough and multi-perspective review, check out The Playground Review's write-up.

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