Thursday, February 9, 2012

Glitter Shines Forever: Lightbox Glitter Painting

Mom has been happily surprised that one of the activities we request most is to play with our lightboxes (good thing -- they weren't that difficult to make, but they did take a bit of time).  A few weeks ago mom (nervously) let us do some ziploc bag painting on our lightbox -- we've been doing a lot of the lightbox activities in Cami's room because it's the darkest, but it is carpeted.  Mom made up two bags: one with red and yellow paint and one with yellow and green paint.  And of course we insisted on adding glitter.  We did a little color mixing and painted for some time.  I discovered I could make a "negative" handprint by pressing down on the paint.  And I liked using Cami's babydoll bottle to trace shapes (although that started to threaten the ziploc's integrity, and mom put that idea to bed.  we've seen other people use a Q-tip, which is probably a better idea).

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Cath said...

I love the look on Kane's face in the last photo. Full of wonder!