Monday, February 13, 2012

All Powerful Amazon Warrior: The National Zoo's Amazonia

So, how has mom taken us to National Zoo about 8 million times and never taken us to Amazonia?  She claims ignorance.  I'm going to guess that it's because it's far downhill from most of the things we like to see and she never wanted to schlep down there knowing she'd likely have to carry both of us back up said hill (because we never stay in the double stroller at the zoo, obvi).  Thanks to one of our playgroup friends, she finally took me there last week.  I LOVE fish right now and I was diggin' it.  There are huge fish tanks with viewing ledges for little ones.  And up on the second floor you walk through the Amazon rain forest looking down into the pools of water with the fish.  I ran around screaching "ish, ish, ish" and blowing kisses willy nilly.  It was fabulous.  And we were the only people in it (because, mom is right, it is in BFE).  Mom thought it was cool enough to overlook the birds flying about in the rain forest (she has a weird thing with birds).  From now on, we'll start out at the bottom of the zoo and make that our first stop.

I was giving the Piranhas my best "chomp chomp."

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