Wednesday, February 22, 2012

J-E-L-L-O: Painting with Jello

Mom kind of hates jello, but we had a bunch leftover from Kane's birthday party (mom greatly overestimated how many oranges she could stand to hollow out for the jello boats, which was too bad because they were a big hit) and we've been looking for some different ways to use it up.  When we saw this kool-aid painting, we thought that jello might work well, too.  Although both of us are on a weird ice cube kick right now and mom is getting sick of finding melted pools of water all over the floor (she always forgets to lock the fridge dispenser and Kane is tall enough now to hook us up), she let us have them for this art project.  We sprinkled jello on a watercolor page and "painted" it with ice cubes.  Kane was mostly interested in trying to eat the jello powder -- mom eventually had to take his away from him to avoid overconsumption of the concentrated stuff.  I was slightly more interested in painting, but this wasn't a big winner.  Guess we'll have to find some other uses for our jello -- we might dial up some of these:

- jello sensory tub from No Time For Flashcards 

- jello playdough -- this looks super cool - we just might be tempted to cheat on our favorite playdough recipe for it

- Tinkerlab's jello excavation -- mom thinks we'll save this one up for outside in the summertime

- edible jello aquariums

stealing from mine.

good idea, Kane

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