Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Young at Heart: Valentine's Gift Cards

Kane and I have been arting up a mad storm lately and given the lack of storage in our house, it's been accumulating more quickly than mom can find storage and display spots.  Time to start giving it away!  We recently used some bleeding tissue paper prints and turned those into Valentine's gift cards some friends and family.

We tore up several Valentine'sy colors of our bleeding tissue paper and "painted" them onto watercolor paper with water.  Once the paper dried, we peeled the pieces of tissue paper off to discover the cool prints left behind.  We were able to reuse the tissue paper that got sort of tie-dyed in the process -- more on that soon!  We also used a recent batch of our go-to table paint printmaking.  Mom bought a pack of blank, bright cards and envelopes from Michaels, cut our art into smaller rectangles (and a few hearts), and pasted them on.  We tied up several cards and envelopes with baker's twine and they're good to go.

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