Friday, February 17, 2012

Barely Scraping By: Biocolor Scrape Resist Painting

Mom generally finds packaged art kits to be underwhelming, but we are so glad she sprung for the Biocolor paint kit from Discount School Supply.  It came with a really great DVD that has tons of projects showcasing Biocolor's unique properties.  And although we probably could have found many of the projects online, we've found the DVD to be a really good starting point for lots of fabulous Biocolor ideas (even though the videos are kind of hokey).  We recently did a scrape resist painting and LOVED it.  We did these for Valentine's Day for our daddy, but it could be done in so many different ways.

To make a resist painting like ours, you'll need:
- a few different colors of Biocolor, including white;
- a scraper (we used the ones that came with the kit, but a strong piece of cardboard, credit card, etc. could also be used);
- and some sturdy paper (we ended up putting layers and layers of paint on ours).

Squirt some white Biocolor on your hands and rub them together.  Then make two handprints on the paper and use the white paint to make any other design or writing that you want to show up.  Next, pick another color and make a design, like a circle or heart, and repeat concentric designs with the additional colors.  You could also just place drops of paint around the page.  Last, use your scraper to scrape the colors out over the page and over the white handprints/words/design, etc.  Whatever color of Biocolor you place on the page first, will resist the other colors -- we also tried using silver as a resist color and loved it.  It's so cool that the colors don't mix (which is why they worked so well on our Chinese New Year's squish dragons).

If you don't have any Biocolor, but want to try another cool scraping project, check this out.

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