Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blinded by the Light: Lightbox Water Beads

We recently combined two of our favorite things -- our lightboxes and water beads -- for a fun activity that occupied almost a whole afternoon.  Mom found some better water beads that didn't squish quite as easily as our last batch (we liked these better than these) and we used cooking utensils and silicone baking molds to scoop, pour, and sort water beads for a while.  Nothing too complicated here, just some sensory fun.

This made a bit of a mess, so mom found some small, shallow storage boxes at Target that fit nicely on the top of our lightboxes.  Since then, we've done lots more water bead play on our lightboxes -- it somewhat helps us keep the beads from squishing all over the floor.  Although it is such fun to send them bouncing in every direction -- mom loves it.

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