Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Spin Me Right Round: Valentine's Spin Art

We know we are overdoing Valentine's just a smidge, but we can't help it.  We love to love you, baby.  A while ago, mom picked up a salad spinner on the cheap and we'd been waiting for the right project to use it.  Then we happened to come across some white posterboard pre-cut hearts (at Michaels) and they fit perfectly!  We put a few blobs of Biocolor on them and a healthy shake or two of glitter and spun it up.  I favored a lot of paint and a lot of glitter (shocking) -- we'd put some in, spin it, and then add more.  Once they dried, mom taped them onto some baker's twine and hung them up as another garland for Valentine's Day.  We have our playgroup at our house on V-day and we are going to have a little party -- woo-hoo!

Some more salad spinner art from around the web:

- The Imagination Tree's prints on black paper

- Cute idea for Thanksgiving -- I think peacocks would work too

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Herbin said...

Becca.... I live my fantasy SAHM life through you.... XOXO. YOU ROCK. love love love your blog! Mommy of the Year award... you're amazing! Keep it up... they'll never forget it!