Friday, February 24, 2012

Down on the Farm: Oxon Hill Farm

On a recent beautiful, sunny day mom and I went with our friends to check out Oxon Hill Farm.  Mom was a little bit weary since our last visit to a D.C. area farm, Frying Pan Farm Park, didn't turn out so well, but we had a blast.  To begin with, Oxon Hill Farm is a stone's throw away from S.E. D.C., which is just so weird because it's gigantic (289 acres).  And for a long time, we were the only ones there -- we literally did not see one other person, not even anyone working there.  There is tons of space to RUN and there are lots of animals -- all of whom were very excited to see visitors.  A rooster even followed us around for much of our time there, which started to get a little unsettling, but we're sure the mommas could have taken him.  A lot of the "exhibits" are kitschy - a tiny house labeled "the history of grain," a room full of historic farm implements with nothing labeled - you get the idea.  But you cannot beat the space to run.  And as we were on our way out, a ranger showed up and offered us a free tractor ride through the woods and part of the farm.  And even though my friend and I refused to obey the signage and sit on our tushies, no one cared.  It's a little bit of a trek, but we will definitely be going back.

If you haven't had a chance to check out No Monster In My Bed's list of 52 Outside Places for Kids, get on it!  It's where we found Oxon Hill Farm and many, many other spots on our rapidly growing spring/summer to-do list.

this guy flew the coop.

despite me standing here for a good 10 minutes yelling "cheese" at mom, she eventually stopped taking my picture.  but just look at that pose - total catalog.

i was also obsessed with this cat.  mom hates cats, so she was not.

telling kitty to "come on!"


Darcy said...

yay!! thanks for the shout out and so glad you liked the farm (isn't the lack of employees odd? it feels like a ghost town at times).

National Children's Museum said...

So glad you all had such a great time! We at the National Children's Museum have featured Oxon Hill Farm in our weekly Top Ten Picks brochure! Please feel free to reach out to me at if you would like to receive information about NCM events in the future!