Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunny Afternoon: Spring Break at the NJ Shore

We've written before about how lucky we are to have a NJ beach house.  Well, how lucky we are to have a Nona and Grandpa D-Rock that live at the shore, to be more accurate.  And when mom heard that I had almost two whole weeks off from school for spring break this year, we knew where we were headed.  We were fortunate enough to spend one whole week there -- daddy came up on the weekends.  The week was filled with lots of beach time (even though it was a bit chilly and windy at times) -- Cami decided on two occasions to basically go swimming.  And I even joined her once.  And, yes, we were in long pants and coats.  But we couldn't be stopped.  We even got to watch some fisherman catch a gigantic sea bass - and I touched it!

Cam is in full on baby doll mode and almost lost it when a package arrived with a double baby stroller, a pack and play, a high chair, and enough accessories to deal with all five baby dolls she has at Nona's house.  I've recently started honing a fascination with super heroes and brought my Batman and Joker with me (I earned a Two Face for good behavior during the week, too).  And I was incredibly psyched when someone (either mom or made a big oops and about 600 plastic pirates showed up for me (it was supposed to be 6).  So we both spent lots of the week dragging baby dolls, superheroes, villains, and pirates all over the island.

We had a very lax Passover seder and a very low-key easter basket delivery from the Easter Bunny.  And we had some fun dying Easter eggs with Nona and D-Rock, too.  We made some special trips off of the island in addition to visiting our usual spots (Shark Park, The Pier Shops at Caesar's and The Rainforest Cafe), so stay tuned for more on our new shore adventures!

making some pirate swimming pools

could you ever say no to this face?  i'm going to guess by the sheer 
number of baby dolls floating around our house, mom can't either

going to the beach, obvi

we lost many pirates at sea

making a jail for the villains

back to the beach, babies

a beach batcave

cold?  what cold?

my easter egg's hat fits me perfectly

back in the water - it was really freezing

our seder plate

our seder was lead by Kane and our handy iPad app

it's not kosher, but i drank four glasses of it

there's a monkey in my easter basket!  the easter baskets the bunny delivered to mom had no candy.  good thing he delivered some to nona

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