Wednesday, April 11, 2012

That Damned Old Rodeo: Atlantic City Boardwalk Rodeo

Yeehaw!  The rodeo was in town during our spring break and mom thought it would be super fun to take us.  A long time ago, mom went to a "real rodeo" in Cody, Wyoming and has fond memories of her "little" brother chasing baby pigs around.  But once she booked the tix and started trying to explain to us what a rodeo was, she realized she thought it was kind of silly and somewhat mean to the animals.  It seemed like one thing in Wyoming where the cowboys likely actually used some of the skills they were showing off.  But, New Jersey?  Turns out mom sided more with the two protestors outside on the AC boardwalk, but she did take us.

We actually had a blast.  There were some legit cowboys there.  Kane learned a little about roping and riding a bull.  I was just psyched to get my pink cowboy hat.  And some of the trick riding was pretty cool. And it looked like the bulls got the last laugh on almost all of the riders -- they were all hurt in about 2 seconds.  So there.

We were so cute in our cowboy hats, that we even made the local paper.

If you are so inclined, a professional rodeo runs all summer long at Cowtown in Salem County, NJ.  We've never been, but heard wonderful, wild things.

mom might not be a fan of the rodeo, but she'll still always try out the accessories

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