Thursday, April 19, 2012

Aruba, Jamaica, Ooh I Want to Take You: Tropical Sensory Box

Unfortunately, we are not going anywhere near a tropical island at the moment.  But we did make some super fun tropical sensory boxes recently, which mom says must be almost as good, right?  Clearly mom doesn't think we remember Jamaica (we do.  and the sensory boxes aren't even a distant second, but not like we have much of a choice).  In any event, we put our colored rice back to good use, added in some silk flowers, tiki shooters (who says you can't use shot glasses once you have kids?), shells, plastic beads, drink umbrellas (anyone else seeing a theme as to what mom has laying around the house?), and, ultimately, pirates.  We loved pouring the colored rice and scooping with the shells.  A nice bit of fun -- even away from the beach.  Now bring me another mai tai!

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