Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And If You've Got to Make Some Trash, Don't Throw it Out: Plastic Bottle Sprinkler

Mom is not a fan of the word "upcycle."  We're not entirely sure why, but she told us to just "put a pin in it" and we'd "talk about it offline." Huh?  In any event, the plastic water bottle sprinkler we've been playing with on our roof deck for the past week is technically upcycled from one of mom's 8 billion sparkling water bottles.  And since it was just Earth Day, and we didn't do much else to celebrate it, we thought we'd share it.  There was nothing complicated about this:  wash plastic bottle, make as many holes in it as you'd like (we did three rows of three holes each), duct tape a garden hose to it (or, in our case, our roof deck hose) and voila.  Sprinkler!

We tried to suspend ours in the air because mom thought it worked best that way -- we rigged up two deck chairs and a broom.  But both Cam and I really wanted to be able to move it about.  I had Batman and all my villains playing with it for several days -- my signature move was to fill several buckets with water and have Batman side kick the villains off the table top into the water.  Cam liked to wash Vegas.  Vegas just wanted to get a drink.  And mom got to sit in the sun for a bit and try to avoid getting splashed with freezing cold water.

cam got bored and went inside to do some yoga.

batman's buckets of doom.

cam finally getting to use "a guy," which I only really gave her because
it was ice bear (mr. freeze's side kick) and not technically "a guy."  
and she knew that and demanded a proper "guy."

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