Friday, April 20, 2012

In the Lazy Water Meadow: Huntley Meadows

Recently, we've been returning time and again to the same outdoor spots (hence our recent Top 10 post) and mom wanted to try somewhere new.  Because it had been a while since we'd visited any nature preserve type places, a few weeks ago we decided to head over to Huntley Meadows in Alexandria.  Although this seemed like a terrific spot (No Monsters In My Bed has rave reviews of it), it just wasn't our day.

To begin with, we arrived at the exact same time that a children's class started (incidentally, if you live in Alexandria or close by, these seemed pretty cool) and Kane was in a "I'm a pirate and I'm going to get in your face and let you know it mood."  So what could have been a super cool walk through the beginning of the trail in the forest, really involved mom trying to snag large sticks from Kane's continued pirate advancements.  Things looked up a bit when the group veered off in a different direction, but then we hit the wetland.  As in an open-sided boardwalk stretching over open water.  Now mom has really been trying to do less helicopter parenting and she knew that the water wasn't very deep, but because neither Kane or I were really following her direction to "STOP RUNNING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD," her anxiety was on red alert. 

So she took the tact of "SIT RIGHT HERE AND DO NOT MOVE.  NOW ENJOY THE NATURE AROUND YOU."  But Kane and I kept leaning way over to "see the fishies" and scooting in opposite directions from each other, but both toward the water.  And when Kane repeatedly tried to throw his Phineas and Ferb pretzel wrappers into the wetland, mom had had enough.  Oh well.  Maybe we'll go back when we can convince mom we are in a more compliant mood (HA) and or mom's had a few drinks first (which seems much more likely).  

when mom told me that we were going to a wetland, this is what I chose to wear.  hey, i had a backpack.

once he agreed to stop charging people with large sticks, mom let Kane use the sticks to mark a trail behind us as we walked.  Kane said they were "landmarks" to find our way back.

i need a stick, too.

welcome to mom's worst nightmare.

a beaver was here.

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