Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Can't Touch This: Suprasensorial: Experiments in Light, Color, and Space

Oh but you can.  And that's a whole lot of fun for toddlers who are used to being constantly told NOT to touch things -- especially in art museums and galleries.  A few weeks ago my cousin Jack and I went to check out the Hirshhorn's "Suprasensorial: Experiments in Light, Color and Space." We'd been waiting to go ever since our last trip to the Hirshhorn -- during which I repeatedly set off sculpture alarms.  And this time I was lucky enough to get to go with my fave cousin Jack.  We had a blast -- particularly running, swimming, and peakabooing our way through "Blue Penetrable BBL."  If you've seen an image of the exhibit, it's likely of this installation.  It entails hundreds of blue strings hanging from a rectangular frame and takes up a large portion of a room.

Many of the other installations were over our head (and not literally this time).  Although we were both a bit intrigued by "Chromosaturation," which requires you to don special footgear to enter the entirely white space that is then lit by different colors.  You know I love a new pair of shoes.

After we wore out our welcome (even though we were ALLOWED to touch the art, mom could tell the guards were getting a little on edge with our inability to not run), we hopped across the street to the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden -- we've been spending a lot of time there lately.

Suprasensorial is at the Hirshhorn until May 13th.  If you get a chance to go, you might want to go later in the day.  Until May 13th, "Doug Aitken: Song 1" will also be illuminating the entire outside of the museum from sundown until midnight.  We haven't had a chance to check that out yet, but hope we do!

uh oh, jackie.  how do we get out of here?!?

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