Thursday, April 26, 2012

Slanted and Enchanted: The Good Knight Enchanted Kingdom

If you know our mom at all, you know that at times she can be mouthy and not the most PC. So she wanted to make clear upfront in this post that we recognize that the Good Knight Child Empowerment Network, a non-profit family safety organization, does a lot of good, important work.  But our trip to the organization's Enchanted Kingdom last weekend was just, well ... we can't really put it into words (nicely enough), but we think this text exchange between daddy and Uncle Steve during our visit sums it up:

Daddy:  "Rebecca brought us to some fairy castle and I'm pretty sure they're going to try and take my kidneys."
Uncle Steve: "Cover the liver!  That gold breast plate is pretty awesome though."

How did we come to visit this enchanted kingdom that will make your parents want to constantly check the Kool-aid, you ask?  Well, on several of her frequent trips to our car service center, mom takes the Maryland backroads over to IKEA (you think she's going to go all the way out there and not get some $1 fat free yogurt?!) and drives by the Enchanted Kingdom.  The first time she thought she was seeing things.  The second time she wondered who could have built such a thing in their backyard (really).  So when she saw a Certifikid coupon for the spring festival cross her email, she bought it instantly without thinking (and without checking out what the heck it really was).  Once she bought the tickets, she started to get a little worried that she had signed us up for some sort of prosthelytizing jaunt through jesusland and she finally had the good sense to check out the website.

The spring festival promised princesses, fairies, sword fights, a magic show, etc.  It sounded a lot like a renaissance festival for kids -- all right in our wheelhouse.  So mom chose to ignore the possibility that the "award winning" movie about abduction prevention might be shown (while the topic is certainly an incredibly important one, it's one mom preferred to talk to us about herself).  But our tickets just so happened to be for the day that the spring nor'easter rolled on in.  Which was probably good for them, because we're going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they were a little thrown off by the rain and brought their C game.

I actually really liked the magic show (kudos to the youngin's who did some nice magic) and Cami was way into seeing "Snow White" and the disco ball in the ceiling.  The tour of the kingdom and "fairy chambers" got the shaft from the nor'easter (although we're not sure how much more time we would have wanted to spend on the tour anyway).  And daddy came around -- mom saw him talking to Snow White and could only imagine what that conversation was like, but apparently it was to confirm that they do hold adult parties there.  It's what he's requested for his next birthday party.

cam worked some magic of her own and figured out how to use the iPhone camera


Darcy said...

i've never heard of this place. sounds crazy. thanks for posting!!

Linda said...

this looks totally trippy! i want to have my birthday there, too!