Monday, April 30, 2012

I Turn My Head to the East: Eastern Market

I'm not sure how, but we totally forgot about Eastern Market for like a year and a half.  Probably because it was always a nightmare to navigate with stroller(s), but now that we're almost through with those, we went and spent a beautiful sunny afternoon there this past weekend.  It seems like they've added many new food options since our last visit and, in addition to the standby Market Lunch counter, we bought made-to-order wood-fired pizza from the Red Zebra stand (which took a while, but was delish), pickles from In a Pickle, and homemade limeade and lemonade from Pretzel Twist.  We skipped the indoor food stalls this time, but spent a lot of time at the flea market -- bought some $1 ribbon and a "vintage" batmobile.  Cam tried to bargain with mom for some cowboy boots, but they were all too big.  And we sat  listening and then dancing Patty Reese play blues for a LONG time (we ended up buying the CD -- especially after Cam tried to fleece $20 from the tip jar).  The market is an oldie but a goodie and we'll be back again soon!

horseradish pickles

mobile wood-fired pizza

i need this mickey mouse rocking horse

oh wait, you didn't tell me there were shoes here

yes, take these off and put these on

strike for boots

you're so cute.  no, you're so cute

i hear music

i'm so cute over here, too!

shakin it

hm. there's a jar of money right there

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