Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's T-Shirt Time: BioColor Fabric Stenciling

Mom has been seeing lots of cool DIY screenprinting projects lately, but knew we're probably a bit on the young side to tackle that yet.  But our BioColor kit from Discount School Supply came with fabric medium and she thought that we might be able to swing something with that.  We had pretty good luck doing some fingerpainted stenciling a while back, so we decided to try something similar with BioColors and fabric.  The fabric medium is super easy to use -- just mix 1 part fabric medium with 4 parts BioColor.  We used DSS's Nancy Bottles for the mixing and roughly marked off five equal parts on the side with a permanent marker.

We took some of my plain t-shirts that I've almost outgrown and slipped them over a cardboard tray.  We also slid a piece of wax paper in between just to make sure no paint would seep through the top layer onto the back of the shirt.  Then mom taped down a plastic stencil on top, making sure to tape a large square around the stencil so that we didn't paint around the stencil, too.  We then used sponge rollers to roll paint over the stencil onto the shirt.  This worked pretty well, but the rollers soaked up a lot of the paint.  So we ended up using some paint brushes as well.

We let them dry for a few hours and then mom peeled the stencils off -- she suggests not letting them dry too long so that the stencils don't stick to the shirt.  Then we let the shirts dry overnight.  The next day, mom put them in the dryer by themselves for about 20 minutes.  Then we washed and dried them again.

We think they came out great!  Some of the images didn't show up well -- the ones with many little lines close together.  But I still know which one has ships on it and that's my favorite.  I was really into doing this even though I had a hard time not getting paint everywhere.  Once I dripped paint all over the side of one of my shirts though, I decided to follow mom's direction a bit more.  Cami didn't want anything to do with it, but she changed her tune once the shirts were all finished up.  That girl loves clothes.  We think some randomly dotted t-shirts with BioColor neon paint would be right up her alley for spring 2012.

Apparently you can also do some fabric stenciling using freezer paper -- check out the Artful Parent's posts on this.  Looks pretty snazzy.  

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mom's super exact marking


before the dryer

all finished 
it's a little tight (and not in that like "man, that shirt is tight" way), but i think it's hipster

cam's hot pink chopper

accessorizing with new sandals and old mittens

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Complete BioColor Paint Kit
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Nancy Paint Bottles Twist Tops 2 oz. - Set of 12
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Darcy said...

these look awesome! did you get the stencils from dss too? i've never purchased from them before, but i'll make sure to check them out (using your link)! love this!!

Kane and Cameron said...

Thanks, Darcy! The stencils are actually OTC, but at least the NYC ones (subway, ferry, etc) are out of stock now (which is too bad because they were on RIDICULOUS sale). DSS does sell lots of plastic stencils - I haven't tried them, but we've been happy with all our purchases from there (even from before becoming affiliates!). You should definitely check it out -- BioColor is by far our favorite DSS product - the colors don't mix, so it avoids toddlers painting everything a nice, muddy brown color. You can see all the projects we've done with it by clicking on the Biocolor label above. Have fun!