Monday, October 20, 2014

Kane's Favorite Fall Looks

I'm going to guess that it was super evident from my post on Cam's favorite fall looks that I've got a little shopper on my hands. But you might be surprised to hear that Kane's a decent shopping buddy as well. He's not quite as particular about what he wears as Cameron, but he definitely knows what he likes. And, much to his chagrin, one of his most long-standing unsuccessful negotiations has been his quest for a three-piece suit. He has tried every which way to get me to get him a suit, including trying to persuade a J.Crew saleswoman to give him a soon-to-be out of season suit on sale. I have a feeling it's somewhat more about getting his way than the actual suit, but he really does like to dress up. So here's what he's rockin' right now.

Everyday Brights -- Kane loves bright colors and stripes. So he basically has some variation of this on for school every day. Green is still his most favorite color, so he likes to work that in wherever he can (socks and shoes are a particularly fun spot to do that). And he has a similar jacket, which he will wear all day long (including inside or in 80 degree weather) in an attempt to prove to me he will wear a suit jacket if I buy it for him. 

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Dressy Prep -- Kane would actually probably wear this every day if I let him. But it seems like he gets paint, dirt, etc. on "dress up" shirts whenever he wears them to school and it's always hard to get out. So he doesn't get to bring them out as much as he'd like. But when he does, he also always tries to wear a tie or bow tie. Not necessarily in a complementary pattern and sometimes in the very same one. Sometimes I win that argument, sometimes I don't. Everyone's got their signature, right?

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Weekend Casual -- Most weekends involve some form of sports -- from the organized soccer game to the rough and tumble spontaneous game of "tackle." And lots and lots of outdoor time. So he kicks it in casual, more funky, easy-to-wash and play pieces.

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find those NB sneakers? I love the color combination!

Not-So-SAHM said...

Oh geez! Looks like the first set of links didn't take! They are from J. Crew -- I'll fix the links now -- thanks!