Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yummy Veggie Recipes

Did you know that today is World Vegetarian Day!? I have my friend Suzanne to thank for dropping that knowledge (check out her yummy vegetarian recipe over at AFL today), but it got me thinking about my kiddos and vegetables. They both eat them, but can be a little particular about sticking to a limited number. Cam will eat random vegetables -- kale (as kale chips), seaweed, and tomato soup are her favorites. Kane has been more adventurous since getting access to his new school's salad bar, which they have to hit up before going to the much more enticing bread bar -- he'll now try "leaves" (salad) and claims to love broccoli. And they are both pretty good with carrots, edamame and corn. But that's about it. So I decided to try and think outside the box a bit -- not necessarily hide vegetables from them, but try to make them more interesting, show off their colors, and make it fun. First up on my list is those veggie gummies!

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