Thursday, October 30, 2014

KID Museum at Davis Library

This past weekend marked the grand opening of the new KID Museum in Bethesda, an interactive "museum" for elementary and middle school-aged children. The event was well run, with stations clearly identified and lots of people to help direct various projects. But I was in a super cranky mood all weekend (exacerbated by the fact that I was parenting solo and a marathon reading of Gone Girl, which was both impossible to put down and very, very disturbing) and I was just not into being around crowds.

But, putting my cantankerous self aside, I think the museum is a fabulous idea full of educational opportunities, real hands-on learning, and seriously encourages innovative thinking. And we will definitely return when it's less crowded or, seeing as it is only open on the weekends and is super awesome, more likely, when I'm in a better mood to deal with crowds. In just our short time there, the kids helped build a robot that drew with markers, designed and put together their own working kite, tested out wind tunnels, and dabbled in animation.

The museum is temporarily located at David Library in Bethesda, with plans to find a more permanent home in Montgomery County. Check out their site for more info on upcoming events and admission.

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