Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Early Fall in Rock Creek Park


As I've lamented sufficiently to almost anyone who will listen, this fall, I've found myself spending a significant amount of my day driving criss-cross around town. Between having the kids at different schools, with different pick-up times, and everyone in new activities, I'm putting in a lot more time behind the wheel. On the upside, two large chunks of our commuting time are spent driving almost the entire length of the city through Rock Creek Park. No stop lights, little traffic, and pretty gorgeous scenery the whole way. It's actually been a relaxing way to start out our daily conversations and close the loop at the end of the day. And recently we've started stopping when weather and time permits at a particular point on our way home -- just to stretch our legs and breathe in a little nature (with, you know, the city still looming close by). I thought it would be fun to try and keep this up and to take seasonal snapshots of our visits. So, here's early fall.

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