Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Day in the Life (October 2014)

Sunday was the day after Kane's big birthday party, so we were all recovering a bit. We hung around most of the morning, reading new books, playing with new toys, and having brunch with family. But we saw sunshine starting to come out and, given the never-ending rain the previous day, we knew a good leg stretching was in order. Fortunately the Maryland Renaissance Festival was still in town, so we donned our best costumes and headed out to the forest. Awesome.

Don't forget to see what No Monsters in My Bed did with their sunny Sunday!

7.45 am -- Kane's new Egyptian Playmobil sets awaits playing.

8.45 am -- reading a pop-up version of one of my most favorite childhood books. Those are six-year-old feet, for sure.

9.15 am -- Cam dances her own "tango."

10.05 am -- brunch setup while Kane and Cam put on a "talent show" for their lucky aunt and uncle.

11.00 am -- RennFest prep.

12.50 pm -- Cam gives a window shout to D-Rock in the car over.

1.45 pm -- Kane was intent on renting a Robin Hood costume. Cam was happy to stay in her "superhero princess" getup.

2.00 pm -- jousting, followed by the realization that several beers were in order.

3.15 pm -- crossbow shooting and axe-throwing watching.

4.05 pm -- I have no idea and blue skies.

6.15 pm -- a little Civil War coloring books.

7.50 pm -- bedtime books (and balloons).

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