Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DIY Lego Storage Box

In case you missed it, the super easy DIY lego storage box I made for Kane's birthday was up at The Land of Nod's Honest to Nod yesterday. I made the same thing, on a much smaller scale, for the favors. But once I did those, I knew Kane was going to need a bigger one. And he has played with it constantly since his birthday. And no excuses not to clean up -- it all fits right inside the great Nod Letter Box. Plus, I designed some free puzzle cards that you can download from Honest to Nod. Win-win!

Disclosure: The Land of Nod provided us with the Letter Box in exchange for this post. No other compensation was provided and all opinions herein are our own.

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WOW this is so cool and definitely one I´m going to try sometime soon. I love the different look of it.