Monday, October 13, 2014

Kane's "Everything is Awesome" Lego 6th Birthday Party!

I have a real love/hate relationship with legos. I love that they can inspire so much creative building, but I personally cannot stand putting together kits after they break apart time and time again. So I generally stick with the "free building" sets for our kids, but then you still have the super fun problem of stepping on those little suckers when they inevitably get scattered about the house, hiding in every nook and cranny just waiting for unsuspecting bare feet. Needless to say, when Kane said he wanted to have a lego birthday party, I knew it was not going to be at our house. And we've almost always held birthday parties at our house because we consider them a great occasion to get all of our family and friends together as well.

But now that the kids are getting older, their school classes are getting bigger, and I'm finding they really need to have the party be all about them. Plus apparently Kindergarten is the beginning of "drop off" parties, so parents don't stick around to party anyways. All of which we find a little sad, but exciting to see the kids grow. In any event, this year, we rented a great community center room and brought in some lego experts to bring in (and take away!) the legos and run some great Lego City activities. It turned out to be a super fabulous idea because I had to do little work during the party and we could sit back and enjoy watching the kids have fun. To get things started, we had blank lego figures to color and fabulous Lego City masks (click here to download them for free). And the kids helped me make travel lego kits for favors (stay tuned for that DIY!). I think everyone had an awesome time!

Now you know I love to style a party, so it was hard for me to only get a smidge of time to decorate. But I still got to design a modern invite, incorporating lego-inspired patterns and colors (you can find it right here in my Etsy shop!), and do some decorating of the room. We had some of Kane's favorite foods (popcorn, squeezey yogurts, chocolate milk) and lots and lots of Baked & Wired cupcakes, which are hands down the absolute best cupcakes in DC.

I didn't get a ton of pics because I was decorating up to (and slightly past) the start of the party. And since all of Kane's classmates are new to us, and I don't post pictures of other kids without parental permission, I don't have a lot of the kids partying that I felt comfortable posting. But I think these give a good snapshot!

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