Friday, October 10, 2014

Cameron's Favorite Fall Looks

If you've ever followed me over at A Feteful Life, you'll be familiar with my love of "faux shopping." It's where I get to scour stores for my favorite fashion finds (for me or our kids), put everything together, and ... then never buy it. I do this a lot. Because in the middle of a particular season I get bored with the kids' clothes and start looking for next season. Which means by August, I've already purchased all of their fall clothes. So when it actually is fall (now), they don't need anything else, but I still like to look at all the new fall clothes and pretend I'm shopping. Plus a friend asked when I was finally going to post on the kids' clothes, so here you go, J.

Cameron is a girly girl, but with some edge. She likes preppy and polished and sparkly, but strong. And that girl loves dresses and flats. She actually packs gym shoes to take every day and changes when she needs at school. Too funny. We have definite store favorites and I'd say that these are her three fall looks in heavy rotation -- some she has, some she wants (and will be wanting until they go on sale), but all of it she'd wear. What's your little lady into these days!?

Glam Cam -- This is Cameron's most favorite look and it's not limited to special occasions. She wears this to school, to the playground, to 6:30 am IHOP breakfasts. It's her thing. So we have lots and lots of jeweled dresses, which I buy on sale at the end of a season for the next one.

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Punky Prep -- She took a real leap lately and allowed leggings to make an appearance. Granted, she prefers them to be jeggings or faux leather leggings. But, I'll take it.

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Weekend Casual -- She is not a sweats girl (unless it's a full velour sweat outfit -- a move I approve of wholeheartedly). So this is really her casual weekend look. She loves that I let her carry her "purse" on the weekends, too.

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