Monday, July 9, 2012

All the World is Green: Green Family Olympics

So we use the term "olympics" very loosely.  It was more of WWF Raw meets I Survived a Japanese Game Show, but it was real.  And it was spectacular.  Especially for me -- because I threw a fit and made mom hold me the entire time.  Kane threw a fit about not being "first" in everything -- so he redefined the games to include a heat wherein he was the only participant and thus the automatic winner (although we wouldn't put it past him to throw a singular race just to throw a fit about it).  

Mom had planned three games for our family olympics: (1) three-legged race around the sprinkler; (2) an egg carrying race; and (3) a water balloon toss game.  The brothers Green are not known for their sportsmanship and as soon as mom yelled "go" for the three-legged race and Uncle Steve tossed his girlfriend Kim to the ground to take out his own mom with an impressive leg sweep, the Green family's take on the "olympics" was solidified.  Thereafter the egg race turned into "egg the Brit," and the water balloon toss brought up the rear as "pelt Uncle Steve."  We put the Real Housewives of New Jersey's field day to shame and another Green family tradition was born.  Good times.

helping with the prep

confirming the start/finish line conforms to family regulations

those poor eggies had no idea what was coming

he doesn't look like he's planning something, does he?

OK, we'll pretend to have a legit race

hit the Brit! 

hit him while he's down!

Kane was feeding balloons to daddy

they still got it

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